Mānuka or kāhikatoa (Leptospermum scoparium), was called ‘tea tree’ by Captain Cook. We take the unique blend of granular Assam CTC tea and handcrafted Assam orthodox tea leaves that we use for our Wellington Boot tea, but lightly infuse it with a fine edible Mānuka essential oil, creating a robust, refreshing and rustic handcrafted early settler-style tea blend. We make no claims of the health-giving properties of our Wellington Mānuka tea, but bees do make great honey from the flowers. Just sayin'.

GRADE AND DESCRIPTION: Blend of TGFOP (orthodox leaf tea) with BOP and BOPSM grade (CTC) loose organic Assam tea handcrafted in Wellington with a light infusion of fine Mānuka edible essential oil.

GROWERS: Various from Upper Assam

ORGANIC CERTIFICATION: 100% certified organic as per NPOP & NOP standards.

REUSABLE COTTON TEABAGS: Each 75g package of Wellington Manuka tea comes with two handmade Indian cotton teabags. Fill each bag with up to 3 tsp of tea. Each full bag may be re-used 1-2 more times. Afterwards, carefully empty and rinse bag under cold water and store in dark dry place. If it looks grubby after a while, do not use.

BREWING:  Use 1 tsp of tea per 200mls of freshly boiled water cooled to 90°C. Steep for 5 minutes or as per your preference. Drink it black or add milk, lemon or honey to taste. The only sugar sweetener we recommend for tea should come in the form of a biscuit.


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